Working with Countdown to 2030

Save the Children/Jonathan HubschmanEstablished in 2005 as a multi-disciplinary, multi-institution collaboration, Countdown to 2030 is a global movement of academics, governments, international agencies, health-care professional associations, donors, and nongovernmental organizations, with The Lancet as a key partner. Countdown uses country-specific data to stimulate and support country progress towards achieving the health-related Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

To engage with Countdown:


  • Use your Countdown country profile as a report card to track progress on key indicators, and to identify areas where more action is needed
  • Compare your country’s profile with those of your peers, or with other countries in your region
  • Use the Countdown country profile to communicate your country’s unique needs to international donors
  • Develop programs to more equitably deliver key health interventions and develop progressive health policies
  • Attend the next international Countdown conference and learn from your peers
  • Work with Countdown to develop a Countdown process within your country:
    • Create profile reports for your country’s states, provinces, or other subdivisions
    • Develop a national Countdown report
    • Convene a national Countdown conference


  • Use Countdown country profiles to hold your government accountable for delivering on its health policy and program commitments
  • Identify national advocacy priorities based on outcome and delivery gaps identified in the Countdown country profile
  • Advocate for development of a national Countdown process, including state/provincial profiles, national reporting, and a national conference
  • Work with Countdown to develop a national Countdown advocacy strategy

Please contact Countdown for more information.