Countdown to 2030 – Regional Initiative to Strengthen the Analytical Capacity and Evidence for Nutrition in West Africa – Advanced Analytical Workshop

Dakar, Senegal
June 10-14, 2019

The West and Central Africa Regional Initiative involves analytical workshops with intermediate phases for data compilation and analysis. The West African Health Organization (WAHO) has been leading the coordination of the WA initiative in collaboration with a consortium of institutions providing technical support.

Year 2 of the project is being implemented throughout 2019, and focuses on nutrition-related issues for women, children and adolescents in West Africa. Again, WAHO is serving as the regional lead organization, working closely with UNICEF, WHO, Alive & Thrive, and IFPRI/Transform Project.

This nutrition data analysis series, also involves two analytical workshops with an intermediate data compilation phase.

The first workshop of the series, which was held in Dakar, Senegal from 10 -14 June, 2019, brought together representatives of National Nutrition Programs, Health Information Units and research/statistics institutions from all the 15 ECOWAS Member States (2 participants per country).In all, there were about 53 participants (see attached list).

The workshop was facilitated by a team of experts from the Johns Hopkins University, International Center for Equity in Health at Federal University of Pelotas (Brazil), African Population and Health Research Center (APHRC), WHO, UNICEF, Alive and Thrive/FHI360, IFPRI/Transform Nutrition West Africa and WAHO. It was supported by Alive & Thrive/FHI360.

The main objectives of this first workshop were to:

  • enhance evidence for nutrition interventions and coverage for women, children and adolescents in West Africa;
  • strengthen the capacity for analysis of nutrition data from household surveys (e.g. DHS, MICS, others) and other sources;
  • consider pathways to translate evidence into programming and policy.

The second workshop will take place in October 2019.

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